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The artworks handling is our core-business. We take care of every single operation with passion and reliability: from packing to transporting, to the set-up. Thanks to our abilities we are partner of the most prestigious national and international organizations.

Handle care

Handle care

We take extreme care in everything we do. We habitually pack, load, transport, unload and assemble artworks, so every gesture is watchful and considered. Our handlers are among the most qualified.

Trasporto e logistica

Transport and Logistic

Both the logistic that is behind all the organization, and the actual transport are carefully performed and always under strict control.

Let us take care of your artworks and you will discover our capacities.

Cura estrema
  • Extreme care in the organization back and front office
  • The most specialized logistic
  • International collaborations with the most prestigious correspondents
  • The most qualified and experienced staff
  • A complete knowledge of the operative field
  • Customs and belle arti procedures
  • Supervision and assistance to national and international courier