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Together with a specific know-out and with the best technical equipments to guarantee the higher professional standards, Butterfly Transport can count on climatized vehicles with a satellite alarm system and a carpentry department specialized in the construction of crates and specific packing materials


A first significant step is the organizational part of the work, the decisions taken in the office at the beginning of our collaborations, through the personality, the knowledge and the exeptional availability of Chiara Donati, key account manager of Butterfly Transport.

This is probably the most delicate phase. The difficulty of this work makes of the handle care the Core Business of our company.
Every single transport is carefully planned, with accurate site visits and a direct measurement of the artworks.

Each transport is done with closed fine art trucks, with a satellite alarm system, manual fire extinguisher, with supports against vibration and a climatized and insulated cargo area, with always on board two drivers with mobile phones. A vehicle with the transport supervisor, member of the technical team, can follow the truck during the journey; generally trucks don’t make intermediate stops. The artworks, sealed in wooden crates, travel at their ideal environmental temperature, as registered from the previous temperature and humidity surveys.

We can realize climabox and we can organize armed transports, even with armored vehicles, as prescribed from the current regulations that change depending on the commercial value of the artwork we need to transport.

Our qualified international correspondents network allow us to make airfreights, delivers and set-ups in every country, maintaining the higher requested standards. Customs and belle arti procedures are performed with efficiency and speed from our italian and international operators.