The dream of Luigi Serafini

Luigi Serafini, “Codex Seraphinianus”, plate Mart RoveretoThe dream of Luigi Serafini 12 JULY 2024 – 20 OCTOBER 2024 The Mart of Rovereto dedicates to Luigi Serafini an in-depth anthology on the artist’s vast creative activity which involves the fields of architecture, design, painting, sculpture, graphics, photography and digital art. The exhibition itinerary starts from the […]

The Mirror Tower. The many lives of the Bell Tower of Pisa Cathedral

Pisa, Palazzo dell’Opera del Duomo 15 JUNE 2024 – 30 SEPTEMBER 2024 Conceived and organized by the Opera della Primaziale Pisana on the occasion of the 850th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone of the monument, it is curated by Stefano Renzoni. Through over 100 works including drawings, engravings, paintings and sculptures ranging […]

Gianni Berengo Gardin. The eye as a profession

Venice, 2004© Gianni Berengo Gardini/Courtesy Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia Udine, Castle, Parliament Hall and Ancient Art Gallery rooms18 MAY 2024 – 15 SEPTEMBER 2024 Master of black and white, always a supporter and defender of an authentic photographic print, of an image that captures and freezes everyday life, the moments, the emotions that anticipate […]

Max Liebermann and Italy

Max Liebermann, View from the garden looking east, around 1919, © Max Liebermann-Gesellschaft, Photo: Oliver ZiebeLiebermann-Villa am Wannsee4 MAY 2024 – 2 SEPTEMBER 2024 In the garden of his summer residence in Wannsee, Max Liebermann found pictorial motifs that would prove central to his later career. In the garden, laid out according to Liebermann’s ideas, […]

Giuliano Vangi: the drawing

Workshop Space, Chiasso Cultural Center (Canton of Ticino – Switzerland) 26 MAY 2024 – 21 JULY 2024 The exhibition is part of the trend of the masters of the 20th and 21st centuries and is focused on the work of the Florentine master Giuliano Vangi (1931-2024), with particular reference to the study of drawing and […]

Adrian Piper – RACE TRAITOR

Milan, PAC Pavilion of Contemporary Art 19 MARCH 2024 – 9 JUNE 2024 The PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea in Milan presents the first European retrospective in over twenty years dedicated to the artist Adrian Piper (1948, New York), winner of the Golden Lion as best artist at the 2015 Venice Biennale. The exhibition retraces over […]

Pianoplan – Self-propelled battery-powered tracked trolley

Butterfly Transport is equipped with all the generic and specific equipment suitable for the transport and installation of works of art, maintained according to the ISO 9002:2015 standard and equipped with a CE testing certificate. LENGTH: 1280 mmWIDTH: 540 mmHEIGHT: from 370 mm to 745 mmMAXIMUM CAPACITY: 600 kg The best experience and equipment for […]

Arrigo Arrighetti Architect

Polytechnic of Milan, Guido Nardi Exhibition Space 30 JANUARY 2024 – 25 MARCH 2024 The figure of Arrigo Arrighetti (1922-1989) claims a prominent place in the history of architecture in post-war Milan. When he starts working for the Municipality of Milan, not even eighteen years old, no one could predict his future; nor could he […]