Giorgio Roster and Odoardo Beccari, explorers of places and images


The exhibition, which was born from a project of the Galileo Museum and the Graphics Museum of Pisa, reconstructs the extraordinary development of scientific photography in the second half of the 19th century in Florence, thanks to the presence of authoritative scientists such as Odoardo Beccari and Giorgio Roster, who in 1889 were among the founders of the Italian Photographic Society.

Curated by Claudia Addabbo and Stefano Casati, the exhibition hosts cameras, scientific instruments, and various types of artefacts loaned by important Florentine cultural institutions, including the Natural History Museum of the University of Florence, the Alinari Foundation for Photography , the Science and Technology Foundation, the National Central Library of Florence and the Galileo Museum.

The exhibition is in dialogue with the exhibition The Eye of Science: a century of scientific photography in Italy (1839-1939), set up on the same dates at the Graphics Museum in Pisa.