Let the party begin… One hundred and fifty years of the Viareggio carnival 1873-2023

From 01.28.2023 to 04.30.2023


Let the party begin… This is the title of the great exhibition set up to celebrate the 150 years of the Viareggio Carnival. An event loved by the public who come from all over the world to watch the parades of the gigantic allegorical constructions created by the papier-mâché masters. Born in 1873 as a carriage parade on Shrove Tuesday, it is now recognized as one of the spectacular events with the greatest popular involvement.

Hosted in the rooms of the “Lorenzo Viani” Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Viareggio, the exhibition intends to recall the historical story of the Carnival celebrations, highlighting its evolution from the 18th century to the 19th century. The exhibition, promoted by the Viareggio Carnival Foundation and the Municipality of Viareggio, curated by Roberta Martinelli, director of the Carnival Museum, brings together more than seventy works including paintings, drawings and engravings.

Looking carefully at the proposed paintings we see the signs of the changes that were taking place in that festive world emerge. From this extraordinary collection, coming from the most prestigious public and private collections, a convincing story of the centuries-old historical event personified by Carnival takes shape.

The path of time is marked by the representations that artists have dedicated to Carnival, which proves to be an effective testimony to the changing times and the social dynamics that characterized them. Endowed with its own peculiar vitality, Carnival has managed to overcome both radical political changes and the widespread hostility of consolidated powers.

Edited by Roberta Martinelli
catalog published by La nave di Teseo
the history of Carnival and its world turned upside down told through precious artistic testimonies.

Article Source: viareggio.ilcarnevale.com